eighteen months ago, as of this writing, i underwent a major lifestage change. i became a father. it feels like such a long span of time has passed since that day. to date, i've purposefully abstained from talking about parenting and limiting the pictures i post of the girl on this site. i know not everyone wants to see pictures of kids or hear about the joys and tribulations of being a parent. but the more i thought about this site, its purpose, and my goals for the site, it became more clear to me that i should post more about my experience being a parent. perhaps its the time of year -- the end of one calendar year and the mental evaluation of self that for me, goes along with it -- or perhaps its because i'm finally feeling comfortable with the title of "parent." it's probably a combination of both, and more.

i can assure you this site won't be taken over by posts about my experience being a father or picture upon picture of my amazing daughter, but being a parent is part of my identity, just as cycling is a huge part of my life and wellbeing. and well, the URL for this site IS brianfung.com after all, not brianfungthecyclist.com. so, i'm going to stop denying myself the opportunity to share a side of identity that is really important to me. the great thing is that if you don't want to read about my life as a parent, i'll continue to tag my posts so you can just filter out that content like it never existed, but i hope you'll give me a chance to share what it's like being a parent. i'm no expert and won't ever claim to be one, but man, it's been a ride so far!

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