My Fan Club

Yesterday (10 Nov) was sadly the last MFG cyclocross race of 2013 -- the biggest, baddest, most fun race in all of Seattle, also known as the Woodland Park GP. This race is so popular, 1,288 riders came out and participated yesterday. And there were plenty of spectators as well cheering all the racers on. I was lucky enough to have a personal cheering section -- the wife and the girl. 


I wish I could write that I had a spectacular race, but truthfully, it was horrible. I've been battling a sickness that refuses to die off. I couldn't get a deep breath without triggering a coughing attack, which in turn made me feel like i was hyperventilating. Not ideal. However, i wasn't going to NOT race with my family there. I gave it all I had and in the end I have to be happy with 2.5 laps. The best part is that whether getting a DNF or finishing 1st or 30th, the family didn't care. They were just as happy to see me do something I love, and I was happy to see them and have their support. 

As I reflect on the season, sure it wasn't ideal, but as they say, there's always next year. I'll be back. Count on that.