let me just say that it's been difficult not talking about a special project that came to life a couple of weeks ago. however, i knew patience would pay off if I could just wait, and did it ever. now i'm going to make you wait for a couple of paragraphs for the big reveal (unless you can't take the anticipation and scroll down).

before i unveil this special project, let me tell you about the problem I faced. Prior to today, i lacked a convenient storage solution for my bike specific tools. over the years i've acquired various bike tools. whether it's a pedal wrench or a chain breaker tool, or the basic but oh so essential hex wrenches, these tools have enabled me to do some basic bicycle maintenance and keep me riding in between tune-ups. However, those tools have lived in various corners of my toolbox, mingling with screwdrivers, tape measures, hammers, picture hanging kits, etc. I tolerated it, but it wasn’t ideal. That toolbox was heavy and didn’t live near where I worked on my bikes (I’m space challenged; aka live in a small apartment). Additionally, when I had a cx race or on the rare occasion when I drove to a ride starting point, it became a game of eenie-meenie-miney-moe to choose which tools I would bring with me (lugging that heavy toolbox was not an option). enter my solution: soulrun.

i've been an admirer of their tool rolls for some time. turns out i'm not alone as soulrun has admirers within the peloton and in the pits. i've been checking their etsy site over time waiting for the right color combo to pop up so i could grab one to call my own. alas, i hadn't come across that special tool roll so i started up a conversation with Laura at soulrun. i had a design in mind and i really wanted to make it a reality however, i was also aware that soulrun doesn't do custom orders as a general practice. i even offered to pre-pay for a tool roll. that's how badly i wanted one of their tool rolls and i wanted her to know i was serious.

laura and i traded a few emails and i was so happy when I learned my little project would be a go. i sent her a pic of my design inspiration -- my seven CXR.


she understood immediately what i was hoping to achieve and i entrusted the rest of the project to her. from my conversations with her up to this point, i knew she would work her magic and something great would result. I clearly underestimated her abilities. when she emailed today with pics of my just completed tool roll, I was blown away. it’s AMAZING! see for yourself below!

TADA! amazing, right? now my tools have a proper home. i want to express my sincere gratitude to Laura at soulrun. i’m honored to now own one of your legendary tool rolls. thank you.

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