a year ago, i was heading to Paris for work and i thought it would be special to put a lock on Pont des arts -- a bridge by the Louvre that is famous for lovers attaching locks to her and then throwing the key into the seine as a gesture of commitment and love. in prep for my trip, Jen and i decorated a lock. when i got to Paris, job #1 was to find Pont des arts and place the lock. i still remember the day i attached it to the bridge vividly. it was mid morning and i remember walking up and down the length of the bridge a couple of times trying to find the perfect place to attach our lock. i finally settled on a spot, took one more look around to make sure it was THE spot, and then i locked it. i took a few pictures so i could show Jen, made a wish (i've also heard you're supposed to make a wish before throwing the keys) and when i had my wish in mind, i chucked the keys into the seine. 

fast forward a year, and here i was heading to Paris again for work. i was curious if our lock would still be on the bridge, so on saturday AM, i headed out to see. i was a little nervous. would i remember where i put it? would it even still be there? if it was there, would there be other locks attached to it so i couldn't find it? this exercise could be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

incredibly, i walked right up to the spot where it was and i spotted it like i had been going to visit it every day for the past year. it was an amazing feeling to see it there one year later, albeit a little faded from the sun, but nevertheless, there was our lock. and like our love, it's still holding strong. it was another special moment that i'll always keep in my heart. after all, Paris is the city of love (as well as the city of lights). see below for the image i took on the day i put the lock in place as well as what it looked like one year later.

2013: DAY 0


2014: 355 DAYS LATER

a little faded from the sun, but holding strong one year later! 
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