early bird special

hit the road early this AM to get in the miles. with a new daughter, i'm still adjusting to the new normal. cycling is important to me - both from a fitness perspective and a mental health POV. i've been trying out early(ier) rides and am really enjoying them (it doesn't hurt that i'm already a morning person). i'm also blessed that a few of my friends are in the same situation or willing to indulge an early start. hitting the road by no later than 6a means i'm home by 9ish and that leaves the rest of the day to do stuff with the family.

while this is working for now, in just a month or so from now, it's going to be darker out, and getting in the miles early may be a bit of a challenge (but thankfully i have a torch for a headlight so visibility shouldn't be the problem, rather the challenge will likely be motivation and college game day urging me to stay inside).

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