the weather this past weekend had my brain thinking spring. while it is still technically winter, the sunshine, budding daylight at seven, blooming daffodils, and the chirping of birds sure creates the illusion it is spring. 

with signs of spring come annual traditions like spring cleaning. i love spring cleaning. the minimalist in me loves the idea of trying to edit/remove things to just their essence, to keep just what i need. it's cathartic (i won't lie, that minimalist vision doesn't always win, but the journey and lessons learned along the way are always worth it). and perhaps that's partly why i love cycling so much. at the end of the day, cycling seems rooted in the ideology of peeling back the excess to just what is needed. 

sometimes, the process of spring cleaning rekindles a romance with the things i own. that's precisely what happened this past weekend. i was going through some of my cycling stuff and i came across some old Rapha caps. three caps in particular caught my eye as they just happen to be my favorite caps Rapha has made (to date). they were part of a series of caps Rapha produced called the Gentleman's caps back in 2009 (I believe). i love each one for different reasons but all three are my favorites.


putting them on again also made me long for the days when Rapha still made sized caps. back in the day, it was part of what separated Rapha from the rest. instead of producing one size fits most caps, their attention to detail extended through the range down to caps. they took the time and effort to produce caps in specific sizes and the result always spoke for itself.

alas, those days are no more and one size fits most doesn't sit on my head very well. while i can certainly appreciate the likely business implications of going with a one size fits most approach, removing sizes removed something i cared about, a little something i appreciated every time i went for a ride. now my Rapha cap perches atop my head almost as awkwardly as every other one size fits most cap. i appreciate the notion of trying to remove excess, and Rapha have been very successful at this with their pro team range. however, that design ideology went too far with the caps. i don't expect Rapha to return to the days of sized caps but i'm content that at least i still these ol' favorites to appreciate.

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