limited-limited edition

so you know my affinity to rapha so i won't rehash that story, but what i will share is a very limited rapha jersey i received that was never produced. i was the lucky winner in a recent auction rapha put on as part of their efforts to raise funds for CEO (and founder) Simon Mottram's cause, ambitious about autism. 

for me, autism hits close to home as it happens to be my wife's area of expertise. over the years, i've tried to learn more about autism so i could better understand my wife's work and so i could support her better. so, winning this jersey is special because it's rare and because it supports something i am passionate about.

behold!  the rapha triple crown concept jersey, which celebrates stephen roche's triple crown in 1987 (only the second cyclist to ever achieve the triple crown): the giro, the tour, and the world champs.

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