ride to the mukilteo lighthouse

this morning's ride ventured north. I've always wanted to ride to the Mukilteo lighthouse (don't know why), but for one reason or another, it's never happened. that was, until this morning. motivated for an adventure, andy and i set out at 6.15a under heavy cloud cover that seemed to indicate fall more so than summer. for this ride, we were relying on strava's new routes feature to get us to the lighthouse. i was a bit skeptical of the route it created but trusted it wouldn't put us on unsafe roads (i had, after all, checked the "popular routes" option). 

 the route north was rather uneventful (in a good way) though the smell of rain as we made our way north had us a bit concerned. i had double- and even triple-checked the weather the night before and on the morning and no rain was in the forecast. i should know better; this is seattle. we got caught in some minor "seattle mist" but luckily for us, it never became anything more (as neither of us had rain jackets with us).

after getting a tiny bit lost (we stopped to check the map literally 30 feet from where we needed to go and decided to go the opposite way) we ended up on the mukilteo speedway. when i saw that we would be riding on the mukilteo SPEEDWAY (HWY 525), i was a bit concerned. a road with speedway in the name doesn't exactly sound cyclist friendly to me. but i had nothing to worry about. there was a bike lane and even google bike maps indicated it was a solid option; my fears were for naught. 

after descending down to the water, we ended at our destination - the lighthouse. i was a bit surprised at how diminutive it was; i was expecting something taller. but it was still cool to see this well preserved landmark. with ominous looking clouds over the area we had to head back through, we decided to keep moving and get home to our girls. 


the rest of the ride was pretty straightforward. we retraced our steps back towards seattle (without getting lost) until we hit a familiar section that would take us down to Lake Washington and the Burke Gilman trail. instead of doing a straight out and back we opted for the Lake Wa option and just as we hit the trail the sun made an effort to try and poke through the clouds -- it was a perfect way to wrap up a great ride.

i definitely recommend doing this ride. much of the ride north was on the interurban trail and with cyclist friendly roads, it was a delight up and back. i would recommend doing the ride earlier vs. later given the ferry back ups that are often long and start early. when we got to the lighthouse (right next to the ferry boarding/offloading) at 8a, there was already some traffic (both people and car traffic).

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