best intentions

being an optimist, i like to think we (at least the majority of us) go about our daily lives operating under the best intentions. we start every day with the best intentions of giving our best at work and to our family, and making a positive contribution to society. now, i realize the key word in this phrase is "best," because our best intentions don't always translate in life. For example, we all have a bad day once in awhile, and that is okay. it's not like we woke up with the goal of being short tempered, rude, etc. 

i had the best intentions of putting in some solid mileage on the bike over the holiday period and refreshing my mind and soul in preparation for 2014. this past monday, i took a break from work and headed out for an easy spin to clear my head and get some fresh air. my ride was cut short when i was hit by a car (i'm okay for the most part). while it was a low speed (the car at least) incident, i still went down and managed to tweak my knee pretty good. with the accident, my plans for base mileage pretty much went out the window. i've tried testing my knee a couple of times since the accident and it has tapped out both times at the sight of a hill. on rolling mercer island, i found myself having to use easy gears to spin slowly up and over each minor roller. it was frustrating. but it could be worse, and so i'm grateful.

now, the upside of this setback (remember, i'm an optimist), is that the wife and the girl have been home too over the holiday, and i've gotten to enjoy some amazing family time. the girl is at such a fun age right now and i seriously don't think i've laughed or smiled so much in a very long time. 

so, while i might not be cleansing my mind and soul for 2014 on the bike (as planned), laughter as it turns out, is a pretty good way to cleanse too. onward to 2014. let's go!

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