REVIEWED: Castelli Estremo Glove ($90)


the one winter glove you need.



as someone that suffers from extremities that get cold easily, the quest for warm fingers during cold winter rides has proven to be an elusive one for me. over the years, i've bought countless gloves that promised to keep my digits warm and snuggly. for one reason or another, these gloves have always failed. either they were not water resistant (something needed here in the PNW)), they were so bulky that making a shift was always a clumsy maneuver (like looking for a light switch in the dark), or the temperature rating didn't work for my needs. I do have one pair that are reserved for the coldest of days (glacier gloves), but i've been on the hunt for something that can span mid thirties to mid forties. Enter Castelli's Estremo Glove. 

Visually, the first thing i noticed about the Estremo Gloves is a more understated appearance, which i appreciate - the trademark scorpion logo is black not red. The outer features a windstopper backed stretchy fabric with a long wrist gauntlet that says, you won't find be dealing with cold spots (i.e. gaps) between jacket and glove. the palms feature a tacky silicone print that promises to provide a little extra grip when it's raining. Castelli says these gloves are water resistant but i've only been able to test them in a drizzle (and they performed flawlessly, as i would expect).

as soon as i put these gloves on, i could tell my fingers were going to be happy. A fleece lining blankets your fingers but not at the expense of dexterity or bike feel. shifting was easy and bike feel was great -- a little extra padding sure, but i didn't feel like the gloves disconnected me from the crucial feedback you get between bar and road. I wore them out on a 37 degree ride and with wind chill, it was more like 33-34 degrees. Over 2.5 hours, my fingers stayed warm and dry (not sweaty). a first for me! Castelli says they are rated down to 23 degrees F. if you have "normal" hands, i have no doubt these can become your go-to winter glove. For me, i think i can wear these down to freezing before needing my standby glacier gloves.

Bottom line, if you're still searching for a great winter glove, stop and go pick up a pair of Castelli's estremo glove. it could be the last winter glove you buy. highly recommended. 

image source: castelli


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