empire state of mind

spring is in the air, so i decided to take a much needed day off and recharge my batteries on a solo bike ride. i also decided to take my giro empire shoes out on their maiden voyage. now you might be asking why the heck i'd mention shoes in a post, but these aren't your normal shoes. most cycling shoes today employ velcro straps and/or buckles; lacing is something that is deemed "retro." i've been eyeing these for their style (which i think is cool) and i found a great deal i couldn't resist a while back. i was curious how they'd perform and today seemed like the right day to take them out. it took a bit of adjusting to get the right level of tightness dialed in across the full top of the foot, but after that, it was great. the shoes are light but don't breathe as well as some of my other shoes. overall, i'm happy.

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