photo: Jose Mandojana for the Aug. 2016 issue of bicycling magazine

photo: Jose Mandojana for the Aug. 2016 issue of bicycling magazine

I am really lucky to have friends in many different disciplines that possess amazing talent in their field. In the photography field, one such friend is José Mandojana. He's the guy who you can give any type of camera to and he'll make an amazing that will easily surpass your "best" shot. José has the eye.

When he recently asked if I was interested in getting up ridiculously early to go make some photographs, of course I said YES! We met on the Seattle side of the I-90 floating bridge at first light (~5.00a) on a perfect spring morning. The morning temperature was comfortable for April and the sun's rays were teasing us, just wrapping their "fingers" over the top of the Cascades. 

José had a vision for what he wanted to create and I got my bike and gear ready before setting out to do my best to help him realize the vision. We rode a section of the I-90 bridge and José captured my passing from a variety of angles and distances. The changing light created different effects and soon the sun officially began its day, its rays now reflecting off the Lake in that enchanting, shimmering way. All too soon, the "shoot" was over and it was time for me to head into work, but not before a quick coffee. 

I've been anxious to see the final product and I'm happy to share it here! Be sure to check out the August issue of Bicycling magazine too to see more of José's work! 

This shoot was extra special -- not just because I got to see José in action but because days later, he would move to LA. It was a fun way to spend one last morning together after we had shared many "dawn patrol" miles ourselves over the past few years. Thank you José for this wonderful opportunity. Like I said, I'm humbled by the talents my friends possess.