My Dear Daughter,

Today is your first birthday. I can’t believe one year ago today, I was holding you in my arms for the first time, admiring all your hair, your big eyes and all your other features, and admiring the miracle of life itself. 

A lot has happened in the past 365 days but I remember the moment you were born like it was yesterday. You cried out – a healthy cry I might add – and I did my best to comfort you. I whispered to you I was so happy to meet you and that everything was going to be okay, that your mom and I were going to take care of you. I held your hand and you wrapped your tiny fingers around my finger. Despite everything going on in the hospital room, in that moment, all the noises and activity disappeared. it was just you and i sharing a bond. I will always remember that exact moment. In my life, there has only been one other moment where I felt so overcome with joy and love, and that was seeing your mom for the first time on our wedding day. And on the day you were born, I fell in love with the only other woman I could ever love.  

In the days since and leading up to this special day, you’ve filled my heart and made me feel emotions I never knew I had, sometimes to the point that I’m overwhelmed by it all. You’ve given me a gift every single day and I’ve filed those away in my heart. I only hope I can repay you for all these gifts for I feel rich beyond my wildest dreams.

As any parent does, we have high hopes for our children and I’m no different. As I reflect on this special day and all the special days yet to come, I hope you’ll continue to lead with your infectious smile, your compassion towards others, continue to embrace the unknown with such enthusiasm -- dare I say fearlessness, remain determined, hold onto your independent spirit, and most of all, my greatest hope for you is that you’ll be happy in whatever you pursue in life. I love you.


Happy Birthday!

 -- your friend, your #1 cheerleader, your dad

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