i had intended to publish my second annual report in mid-January. but life often happens. which is to say, i've barely made a dent into actually MAKING the annual report i envisioned. the data are all there and in most cases, i've picked out the data points i want to feature, but i just haven't had the time to actually translate the data into a format that is fit for publishing. 

now i realize that if life keeps up, it'll be 2015 before we know it and the biggest risk of creating something is not publishing/shipping. so, with that in mind, i have decided to publish the one page that was closest to being finished. because, just ship it. this is a big deal for me. i don't shy away from the label of "perfectionist" and to put something out there that isn't finished is a bit scary. but, just ship it. 

so without further adieu, i give you a single page from my annual report (that will get completed...and published) - a summary of where i was in 2013. in 2013, i travelled more than i ever have. i got to see Paris, recharged with some much needed sunshine in San Diego, and i made a few treks to Chicago -- enough to try a bunch of coffee spots and find one i really like. i visited Denver for the first time and caught up with an old friend there.

what i love about data is that it also exposes habits that can get lost in the shuffle of what has become part of one's routine. take for example my Macrina Bakery habit. I was hitting up Macrina once every three days in 2013. once every three days! i had no idea i was going that frequently. now i know what you're thinking given the 122 check-ins, but they serve coffee there (as well as amazing pastries and bread), and most of my check-ins were to grab a coffee before i caught the bus in the morning to work. and then there are my eating out habits. i was surprised that i only had 10 check-ins for pizza joints in 2013. why is that surprising? because i love, LOVE pizza. Finally, i found it fun to map all my seattle check-ins. the result of this exercise was not at all surprising. having lived downtown for more than a decade, i've all but stopped going places with any regular frequency that i can't walk or ride to/from. and the map shows this. i don't stray far from downtown and i tend to frequent places that also happen to be along a highly trafficked bike corridor that extends from downtown through Ballard, Fremont, and across to the University of Washington.

so there you have it, a little slice of my 2013 year. more to come, i promise.

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