A Friend in Need

As I was beginning to write this post, the line below kept repeating in my head.

Oh I get by with a little help from my friends
— The Beatles

Friends, i have a friend that needs our help. 

My friend Jason, a fixture within our local cycling scene -- be it a rando adventure, a cross race, a weekly shop ride, or ensuring your bike is in prime working condition -- was recently hit by a car riding home from work. He was left with injuries that necessitated a stay in the ICU and a lengthy surgery to repair his shoulder socket. 

While the at fault's insurance should/better cover his health expenses, life won't wait for insurance to settle.  His cycling team has set up a fundraiser to help raise money for Jason and his recovery. 

I'm hoping you'll click through and read what his team wrote. One caveat. It won't do Jason justice. He's much bigger and better than words on a webpage can convey but I hope you get a sense of how much Jason means to our local community that you are inspired to donate ...be it a dollar, five dollars, twenty dollars...whatever you can spare. 

I've seen how the cycling community comes together so i'm asking for you to rally around Jason, perhaps a stranger to you, but a friend to me and many others.

He's worth it.

Jason is always eager to share his love of cycling with others or support those finding their own love of cycling. Let's show our love for Jason.

Here's that link again: 


Thank you. 


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