I don't talk a lot about my day job, because honestly, you'd probably find it boring. but i'm making an exception today because i was really excited to find out that i made the credit roll for a video game i worked on. i worked on this game for a few years -- long before it was announced publicly. it was a labor of love, and like any creative product, was filled with highs and lows, but ultimately, i am really proud of the end product. my role in the process was small and just seeing the reviews for the game and hearing the positive feedback from gamers who played the game would have been enough satisfaction but the fact that the team thought to add me to the credits roll is icing on the cake. what is this game? Sunset Overdrive. it's a fresh take on a shooter (both in terms of art style and gameplay) and most importantly, it's ridiculously fun to play. While I'm a little biased, i still think it was among the best Xbox One games of 2014. 

this is the first and probably the only time i'll ever appear in the credits roll (and that's okay) so please pardon me for linking the credits below (my name appears around the 9:24 mark), i'm just a bit excited is all.

box shot image from: insomniac games

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