with the first half of 2014 over, i thought i'd check in and see how i'm doing on my cycling goals. last year was a pretty solid year (for me), but i knew it'd be difficult to repeat my "performance" in 2014. in 2013, i stacked my miles in the first half of the year, knowing the arrival of the girl would require a bit more attention over the second half of the year as i tried to figure out the "new normal." 

examining past years' data, i felt confident i could ride 200 miles per month in 2014 and i set a stretch goal of 250 mi./mo. my stretch goal of 250 mi./mo. meant i would be riding less than in 2013, but that was just fine. it's all about balance and while i love riding my bike, i also love spending time with my family, so this goal felt attainable. i know, 200 miles per month doesn't feel like a lot (i have friends that probably ride 200 mi./wk.), but when you work 80+hrs/wk and have a family, 200 mi./mo. fits nicely into the time i have available to ride.

so, how am i doing? as the chart below shows, i missed my monthly minimum in April but luckily, i've surpassed my goal in other months and through June, I'm tracking at the upper end of my goal. not too shabby and let's just hope i can carry the momentum through the rest of the year.

2014 cycling stats
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