I'm going to recommend you buy this boxed wine. (you've been warned)

yes, I'm recommending a boxed wine. but not any ol' boxed wine. this is a solid provence rosé that i've bought annually as a 750ml bottle. it also happens to come in a box. a 3L box to be more exact. even better? it's the same price as three bottles. do the math...you're getting four bottles for the price of three. who doesn't love a bargain?

 but it's in a box! get over it! yes, it's a box. but i can promise you that bottle or box, the bargemone displays wonderful characteristics that make it worthy of your hard earned dollars. It's both fresh and a bit progressive -- crisp with an abundance of flavors punching your taste buds. 

i'm a picky rosé drinker and bargemone earned a place in my summer rotation many years ago. the box is just icing on the cake -- it's like having rosé on tap! 

seek it out soon as fall is rapidly approaching! (i found mine at my local wine shop here in Seattle, Pike & Western Wine)

price: ~$45.


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