while technically we celebrated halloween last year with the girl (she was just months old), for the purpose of fully exploiting the holiday, i'm going to say this was the girl's first halloween. the girl loves animals so it was clear to my wife and i that it probably made the most sense for her to be an animal of some sort. we narrowed it down to a duck and a mouse, and in the end, we found a better mouse costume so it won out. leading up to halloween, we weren't sure she would love wearing a costume, especially one with a hood so we introduced her to the costume early and it turned out she loved wearing it. she loved it so much that she often asked to put it on and then she'd dance around the house in it and grab the mouse tail, say "tail," and then laugh. priceless stuff.

when it came time for the actual holiday, we headed up to the home one of the girl's friends/playmates and both families set out for some early trick or treating. it took maybe two houses for both girls to get the hang of trick-or-treating and then they didn't want mom or dad helping -- except to ring the doorbell. the routine went like this: ride in a wagon to the next house, get help out of the wagon, walk to the front door of said house, get the moms'/dads' help on ringing the doorbell, do your best to say "trick-or-treat" (more like, "treat!"), look cute, get candy, say "thank you" and "bye-bye" and walk back down the driveway, stop halfway down the driveway to look in your bucket, resume walking to wagon, and then onto the next house. we had a blast and so did the girls. the wife and i even dressed up (can't remember the last time i did that). 

after a spin through the neighborhood, we returned to the house for a quick dinner. while we were eating the girls were comparing candy. it was hilarious. they didn't want to eat it necessarily, but they definitely were intrigued by it all. in the end, a good time had by all and a great first halloween!

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