crowdfunding virgin no more

today i took the plunge. i pledged my support for a crowdfunding campaign. i've been sitting on the sidelines observing many interesting ideas  -- many got funded, some didn't. if you know me, you know i love new gadgets and technology in general, but for some reason, i've always been leery of how these various kickstarter and indiegogo ideas would translate from concept to the final product. well, along came an idea that intrigued me so much that i had to get into the action. meet the scanadu scout:


photo via  scanadu

photo via scanadu

i love data and i've long loved the idea of using a device that would help me understand my own health on a regular basis. the scout merges both these in one device. in other words, scout will help put me in control of my own health, and theoretically, i'll be able to know when i'm going to get sick or maybe when i shouldn't go on a bike ride and instead lay low.

mark my words, this is going to be a HUGE industry. with an aging population (that is living longer), rising health care costs, and rampant issues like heart disease and obesity, tools like the scout will become as common as a scale in people's homes. i'm excited to be among the first to try out this device. Scout will record vitals like heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, stress, respiratory rate, and blood oxygenation. 

it doesn't ship until 2014, but i'm already counting the days!