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2017, I'm not sad to see you go. It's been quite the year. As I do every year, I like to reflect on the outgoing year. I've already posted my favorite music from 2017 and now it's time to reflect on other highlights from 2017. I spent an hour or so looking back at pictures from the year when I realized photos would be a great way to tell the story that was my 2017. So without further adieu, below are a few personal highlights from 2017. 

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As I do every year, I like to look and reflect on the year. For me, this process usually starts highlights from the past year. Given music is such a big part of my life, for the past several years I have highlighted favorite albums. This year, I decided to just look at the data, namely the number of plays an album had to determine my "top 9." It's interesting to look at it this way - there were a couple surprises in terms of the actual order, but no surprises in my top 9.

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2017 has been a blur. I haven't necessarily prioritized things that bring me joy this year, including writing on this site (my last post was 01 Jan). I'm conscious about the lack of balance, and that's why I took a much needed mental health day. Taking a mental health day can only mean thing for me - a long bike ride. Today's destination was Mt. Baker. It's been three years since I last rode Baker, so another visit was overdue. And, to make this mental health day even more special, six of my friends were also taking a mental health day. 

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