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2017 has been a blur. I haven't necessarily prioritized things that bring me joy this year, including writing on this site (my last post was 01 Jan). I'm conscious about the lack of balance, and that's why I took a much needed mental health day. Taking a mental health day can only mean thing for me - a long bike ride. Today's destination was Mt. Baker. It's been three years since I last rode Baker, so another visit was overdue. And, to make this mental health day even more special, six of my friends were also taking a mental health day. 

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2016 FESTIVE 500

Since 2010, Rapha has been challenging me (and thousands of others) to ride 500km over the last eight days of the year (between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve). I've always wondered if I could complete the challenge, but I've never seriously attempted it. That is, until this year...

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#BryanandBrianAdventure: A BIKE CAMPING DRY RUN

It all started innocently enough. About eighteen months ago, I found myself becoming more interested in pursuing a different type of riding rather than just commuting, fitness rides on the weekend, and the occasional cyclocross race. I had started noticing more images and stories of bikepacking, ultralight touring, etc. in my feeds and my interest was piqued. "This is exactly the thing I'm craving," I thought to myself. And so it began.

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For the past few years, I've analyzed my cycling data and compiled an annual report. While I did the annual report for fun, I learned a lot through the process too. At the end of 2014, I decided to use my past data to set a 2015 riding goal. (3,600 miles and a 4,000 stretch goal). As 2015 nears to a close, I check in on my progress.

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